Intermission Transmission

Single released April 26, 2024

I set out to just make ambient, spacey music to be used as an intermission for my live streams and ended up with a 10 minute piece that I loved so much I decided to release it as a single.

It shows a completely different part of my range than my other releases and is perhaps the middle point between my live looping and sound healing.

To me, it sounds like tuning into a frequency that allows you to receive a transmission from an alternate universe where Brian Eno and Aphex Twin are in the studio with some of the members of Sigur Rós.

This digital sound bath was recorded live in one take using a synth sound and a glitch rack in Ableton. I hope it's a soundscape that relaxes and entertains both ears and mind, helping you drift away and get lost in a meditative experience.

I filmed the trippy visuals through a prism glass with a combination of lights around it.

You can see it in action during my live streams here: