Memento Mori

EP released 11.11.22

I've always thought writing a collection of songs where I play all of the instruments would be a cool project. When I used to imagine how that could potentially manifest itself, I never pictured it quite the way it unfolded - but there I was, live looping together a bunch of instruments after dealing with some heavy losses in the family whilst living by myself during a global pandemic.

Towards the end of 2019, I suffered an intense bacterial infection in my stomach and after hallucinating from dehydration thought it was the end for me. I distinctly remember thinking how disappointed I was that my individuality, my personality, perspective and what I can add to this world would be gone in a flash just like my thoughts would be. I remember experiencing a feeling that I had nothing that showed what I could do or that I was even here on this planet at all. It was all either on a hard drive, sketched on a piece of paper or was purely a thought in my mind. I remember being so determined to get these ideas out if I was given the chance, to not let them just fade away.

This is all so temporary, it will come to a close and it won’t wait for us to finish our to-do lists. We’ve got to get it out while we have the ability; share what makes us unique and what makes us tick.

This is my reminder of that inevitability and an encouragement to seize the days we do have.

This is my memento mori.